Thomas and Ciaran




6 thoughts on “Thomas

  1. I have been chosen to be an ambassador for Thomas who is in my classroom. I have really enjoyed getting to know him this week.

    1. Thank you Caleb for helping Thomas settle in to your classroom and our school so well. We know he has a great Ambassador to look after him. Mrs Costello

    2. Hello, Caleb. My name is Thomas, I am in EPSOM P.S now,I have a question, what do you say about me?
      From Bendigo P’S: Thomas

  2. Hope that your time at the Confucius Classroom on Wednesday is great Thomas- what a great way to spend your birthday !
    Mrs Costello

  3. Hello Thomas. Hope that you get to do some more swimming on the weekend. What is your favourte Australian Sport? Mrs Costello

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