Bendigo Violet Street

New gifts from Violet Street
New gifts from Violet Street


Linda and Stephanie enjoying school
Linda and Stephanie enjoying school



The students working on their language skills at Epsom Primary.






6 thoughts on “Bendigo Violet Street

  1. Welcome to our school to Linda, Summer and Thomas and your teacher – Tina. It is great to have you joining us at Bendigo Violet Street Primary School. We are all looking forward to having lots of fun together! Cheers. Mrs Costello ( Principal)

  2. I have the pleasure of having Linda and Summer in my class this term. I would like to welcome the girls and Thomas to our school and to Bendigo and hope their stay with us is full of lots of fun times and memorable experiences. My students love spending time with the girls, they light up the room and put a smile on everyone’s face. Enjoy Australia girls.
    From Ms K

  3. Hi, I’m Linda, the student from China. I’m really like Australia, like Bendigo Violet Street Primary school. The people are friendly, I’m happy to see them. I’m very happy to live here for 8 weeks.

  4. Hello, every one! I’m Summer. I’m from China. I’m very like Australia, Bendigo, Bendigo violet street school. That a beautiful school! I very like my homestay too! My homestay is very good! They are very good to me. I’m very adapt. I’m like Australia, Bendigo, Bendigo violet street school!

  5. WOW! Who could believe 8 weeks could go so fast! It has been a wonderful experience for everyone at Bendigo- Violet St PS to have Linda, Summer and Thomas and their teacher – Tina, at our school!
    We have enjoyed sharing our school and culture with you and have certainly learned an enormous amount from you too.
    Thanks to our wonderful host families – The Rodriguez, Nobles, Fashams and Phillips for supporting our visitors and making it a memorable experience! Also to the teachers and students at Bendigo- Violet St PS for embracing such an innovative experience.
    Mrs Costello

    1. Today we say goodbye to Linda Summer and Thomas. They have been with us for the passed 8 weeks. The time has gone so quickly. We hope they have enjoyed their time in our classrooms and have some great memories to take home with them. From all the students in grade 5 and 6, thank you for spending time with us and sharing your stories, we have learnt a lot and hope you have too. All the best for the future guys. Ms K and Mr MB.

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